Dr. Ignacio ANEGON


Ignacio ANEGON (63 years old), MD, Research Director class 1 at INSERM, Director of INSERM 1064 (2008-2018) and co-coordinator of team 2 “Induction of immunological tolerance”. He is the manager of the platform for genetically modified animals ” Rat Transgenesis and ImmunoPhenomic”. Medical Doctor since 1982, then post-doc at the University Hospital of Barcelona (1982-1985) and associate scientist at the University of Pennsylvania (1985-1988). He has been a permanent researcher at INSERM since 1989. He was editor-in-chief of Current Gene Therapy (2004-2017) and is a member of the editorial boards of journals such as Transplantation (2014-present) and Transgenic Research (2008-present). His areas of research are tolerance to transplantation, gene transfer and the generation of genetically modified animals. He has published more than 242 manuscripts and has an h index of 50. He has filed several patents and licensed products in the fields of immunotherapy and genetically modified rats. He has been or is a member of the scientific advisory board of funding organizations, international academic societies, research centers and biotechnology companies.