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Our Science

AbolerIS Pharma aims to develop molecules that regulate immune responses with high selectivity and potency.

AbolerIS’ lead program is a monoclonal antibody targeting CD45RC to rebalance the immune system and prevent it from attacking the body’s own cells, which are at the root of multiple chronic auto-immune diseases. The antibody helps control the aggressive T-Effector cells that attack healthy tissues in autoimmune diseases by boosting the T Regulatory cells, which act as peacekeepers.

By delicately rebalancing the immune system, this program offers new hope for effectively managing autoimmune conditions, preventing unnecessary damage, and promoting harmony within the body. It addresses a pressing need for many Rheumatoid Arthritis patients who have not responded well to current standard treatments such as anti-TNFs. As new and innovative treatments, like this one, emerge, they become crucial potential alternatives, offering the possibility of better outcomes and an improved quality of life.

Clinical Challenge

  • Significant number of patients with autoimmune & inflammatory disorders are not responding to current treatment options
  • Teff/Treg cell – Ratio dysregulation and auto-antibodies are the underlying cause in most autoimmune and inflammatory Diseases
  • None of the current treatment strategies selectively depletes Teff cells and/or rebalances Teff/Treg ratio, and depletes B-cells using one therapeutic
  • Need for novel treatment strategies inducing immune tolerance while avoiding generalized immunosuppression

AbolerIS’ Innovative Solution

  • Modify the course of the disease
    • Prevention of sequelae & organ failure
    • Increase life-expectancy
  • Induce long-term remission
    • Duration of drug-free remission ↑
    • Discontinuation of drugs
  • Address refractory disease
    • Multiple drugs ↓
    • Sequential drugs ↓
  • Prevention of complications

Mechanism of Action

  1. Depletion of pathogenic Teff, Teff precursors and TEMRA cells: Anti-CD45RC Abs suppresses the acute immune response by causing the death of harmful CD45RC+ T cells driving (severe) disease in patients.
  2. Activation of Tregs: by eliminating Teff, anti-CD45RC Abs preserves and allows activation and expansion of Tregs, controlling immune responses in the long term. This action ensures lasting therapeutic efficacy (’tolerance’).
  3. Depletion of pathogenic B cells: Anti-CD45RC Abs incudes B cell death, controlling the production of harmful auto-antibodies that contribute to tissue destruction.
  4. Preservation of Tmem and Bmem: Anti-CD45RC Abs preserves overall immunity against external pathogens, avoiding risk of superinfection in treated patients.

Potential Clinical Indications

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