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Patient, the victim of autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases affect nearly one in ten people and are responsible for major human suffering. These diseases affect adults, but certain autoimmune disorders may also cause major suffering in children. If left untreated, serious complications and even death may result.

What Makes AbolerIS Unique

Available Treatment

Despite the concerning clinical challenge, no efficacious treatment is available or approved for some autoimmune diseases. Even though an increasing number of drugs have been approved, relapses are frequent, and refractory (treatment-resistant) autoimmune disease seriously impacts the well-being and health and well-being of patients. In spite of increasing therapeutic options, serious complications resulting from the disease or from the therapy itself remain a major cause of concern.

All these issues impact the lives of patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, of which Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is one of the most common.

Our Innovative Solution

AbolerIS` monoclonal antibody (ABO21009) works by selectively depleting (weeding out) CD45RC-positive cells that are actively sustaining the autoimmune `fire` in rheumatoid arthritis. These CD45RC-positive cells are present in the T-, B-, and NK-cell compartments of the adaptive (or `smart` or `self-learning`) immune system. By selectively depleting these cells, the cells driving the autoimmune disease are taken out of the immune cell population. Conversely, the antibody spares the (adaptive) immune cells necessary for the memory of the immune system, such as cells that can build up a response quickly after vaccination or after infection with certain DNA herpes-viruses such as Epstein Barr Virus (Infectious Mononucleosis Virus) and Cytomegalovirus.

Furthermore, AbolerIS` monoclonal antibody also spares T-regulatory cells (`Tregs`). By eliminating the harmful CD45RC-positive T cells, Tregs can unleash their full potential and suppress ongoing and future autoimmune activity in the adaptive immune system. Hence, therapy with ABO21009 would enable a long-lasting and durable remission in RA, obviating the need for frequent administration of multiple drugs with unwarranted side effects.

Solid scientific results are the foundation of AbolerIS Pharma, and will remain the driver of the company’s development activities.

Give patients control of their lives by restoring the immune-tolerance balance.